Keogh Photography

I am a photography enthusiast from Manchester - UK. I have been doing portrait photography for over 5 years and enjoy doing shoots in my spare time, collaborating with like minded people with new ideas for projects, so contact me if you have an idea or theme in mind for a shoot & we’ll see if we can come up with a plan! I mostly shoot alternative model, as that is the style which got me interested in portrait photography in the beginning quite a few years ago, but I am open to working people from all styles to increase my portfolio. I only accept shoot requests from models 18 or over & will only work with people below this age if a parent or guardian is present at the shoot. I am none-negotiable on this! If you would like to organize a shoot with me, please drop a message in my inbox & I will get in touch! Please note: If you would like to ask any questions of me or discuss details of shoot ideas ect, please message me. If you would like to bring a chaperone with you, please feel free to notify me before the shoot & I will be perfectly happy for somebody to attend the shoot with you. If there is anything else you would like to contact me regarding before the shoot (directions, meeting times ect) please contact me & I will be happy to help

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